Gator Chess Team



In 1979 UF chess club sent an underrated team to the Pan American Intercollegiate Open, an underdog, the UF chess team upset every major university in the tournament winning the Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championship.

Recently, the Gator Chess Club was re-energized with a new faculty advisor in spring of 2008 and a new president in the following fall semester. The club meets every Monday night with 30-40 members regularly attending. Our first public event was bringing international chess master Daniel Ludwig to UF on August 6 to give an open lecture at the Reitz Union and play 20 students in a simultaneous match. With our new president and faculty advisor we look to rapidly expand the organization inviting chess players of every level to come and participate. Our goal is to build a strong chess program, promote chess at the University of Florida, and to eventually win another Pan American Intercollegiate Chess Championship.

(Charles Roop / Alligator Staff) Daniel Ludwig plays chess with one of the 20 opponents he was playing against simultaneously at the New Engineering Building Wednesday evening.